Edith Steyer| Germanu


alto saxophone, clarinet






Edith Steyer was born in Munich 1968. After a study of anthropology she decided to become a saxophone and clarinet player and finished her studies at the Bruckner-Konservatorium in Linz, Austria with the californian alto sax player Allan Praskin. Since then she works professionally as a jazz musician and in the field of improvised and experimental music. She got support and grants for CD productions from the GEDOK, the Berliner Senat for her projects „Chiffchaff“ and „KERN“ and as a member of „The Composers Orchestra“ from the Initiative Neue Musik. She worked at the Staatstheater Cottbus, leading a saxophone quintet. She was touring in a lot of places europe wide and played with such outstanding musicians as Michael Griener, Jan Roder, Andreas Willers, James Falzone, John Niekrasz, Adam Pultz-Melbye, Kathrin Lemke, Johannes Schleiermacher, Yorgos Dimitriadis, Dag Magnus Narvesen, Clayton Thomas, Tobias Delius, Susanna Hood, Maria-Luisa Capurso and many more.