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"Founded in Hamburg in 1989, TonArt Ensemble is a collective of free improvising musicians. It perceives itself as an open, democratic ensemble that works on different improvisational forms in a variety of instrumentations. Over the years and regardless of the respective instrumentation, TonArt Ensemble has created its own sound with a high recognition value.
TonArt Ensemble’s work focuses on improvisation using graphic notations and the interaction with visual or prefabricated acoustic material; the ensemble has continuously engaged in new experiments including performances involving spatial structures, toy instruments, improvised opera as well as new music compositions for example from Christian Wolff.
TonArt Ensemble has repeatedly invited international musicians to perform with them in Hamburg: Anthony Braxton, Vinko Globokar, Malcolm Goldstein, Fred Frith, Keith Rowe, Peter Kowald, Evan Parker, dieb13, and last but not least Wu Wei in 2009.
Recordings include a CD with Anthony Braxton (commissioned work no. 151, „HatHut Records”) in 1991 and the CD 'Brot und Honig' (Bread and Honey) with Evan Parker (on „true muze“) in 1999.

This CD is the result of a TonArt Ensemble collaboration with the outstanding Portuguese performer and composer Ernesto Rodrigues (viola, violin, and electronics) during his stay in Hamburg on the occasion of a workshop fellowship granted by the City of Hamburg in December 2008.

We wish to express our appreciation to the Kulturbehörde Hamburg for making this creative musical cooperation possible."

Robert Klammer

Hamburg 2009