RED LIST ENSEMBLE was founded in Berlin in 2019 by cellist Guilherme Rodrigues. The ensemble's textural approach presents us with a cellular music created from an eminently timbral dimension, open to truly free and infinitely variable acoustic and electronic possibilities.

This is music created in real time using extensive techniques, with the smallest details denoting an amazing capacity to create and raise tension (containment and organization) creating a universe of complex and unusual dynamics and organic mutations. They explore a comprehensive language, associated with experimentalism and free improvisation, in which the creative process reveals excellent interactions and understandings, from a perspective of healthy cooperation. It is an exuberant universe of micro-sound textures that is closely related to the surrounding space, creating a dynamic in which the silence/noise dichotomy has an important determining role.

Without conforming to any hierarchical system, the ensemble creates a game of contrasts resulting from the rhythmic organization of surfaces that are opposed in terms of colour (timbre) and sound texture (mass). Harmonic exploration and timbre combinations contribute complementary and contrasting materials, highlighting the textural and sonorous exploration of instruments in micro-groups and densities.

Ernesto Rodrigues, March 2020