Micrographía cs477









The extremely short duration — less than 19 minutes — classifies Mikrographía as an EP. However, such a restricted temporal frame is inversely proportional to the interplay’s quality, made explicit across three tracks of mysterious counterpoints bathing in relatively ambiguous resonance.
Aside from Chrysakis’ piano — obviously more identifiable than the rest of the palette and, in a way, dictating the extemporaneous harmonic paths of the spontaneous fluxes — the overall dynamics follow the rules of a hide-and-seek game of sorts. Think an evacuated neighborhood enshrouded by grayness, but occasionally illuminated by entrancing oblique lights. When the Rodrigueses emit whispered upper partials via viola and cello, Moimême’s guitar is probably generating a humming cloud in the background. Mira’s double bass is at the same time unobtrusive and impressive in its growling hoarseness, whenever the human entity behind it decides that a little vibrational momentum is necessary to slightly alter the mix’s balance.
In spite of its regular exploitation of noisier components, this music’s character could be generally described as Feldman-esque. Still, those murmurs, creaks and clatters suggest a subterranean tangibleness that keeps the ears on constant alert, and the mind active. On the whole, the combination of conciseness and intriguing timbres constitutes the work’s actual winning card; we can definitely accept the conventional “less is more” in this case. If only the innumerable periphrastic nonentities who inhabit the universe of improvisation followed this quintet’s example, the task of a commentator would not include so many hours wasted in acoustic tedium. Massimo Ricci (The Squid’s Ear)

Recording in Portugal, the quintet of Aural Terrains label leader Thanos Chrysakis on piano, Creative Sources label leader Ernesto Rodrigue on viola, son Guilherme Rodrigues on cello, Miguel Mira on double bass and Abdul Moimeme on electric guitar, three parts of microscopic collective electroacoustic improvisation of highly focused, detailed interplay. (Squidco)

Two albums recorded with a phenomenal Greek pianist, laptop and synthesizers virtuoso, Thanos Chrysakis. "Micrographia was recorded in January 2015 at Jazztras Estudios in Lisbon,while "Skiagraphía" in June 2016 at Art Total Sound Recording Studion in Moscow.

"Micrographía" contains one, title track in three parts. The focus is on fantastic, very lyrical and peaceful piano lines, supported phenomenally by the strings of Ernesto and Guilherme, and amazing electric guitar of Abdul Moimême. Miguel Mira's role is also primary: he plays here double bass, rather than his standard cello. Beautiful music, full of subtle accents, colours and shades. Maciej Lewenstein