Tactile cs512









A single, improvised performance with the Lisbon String Trio (Ernesto Rodrigues, viola; Miguel Mira, cello; Alvaro Rosso, contrabass) and Eduardo Chagas (trombone), recorded live in early 2018.
Listeners familiar with Rodrigues' vast output on the Creative Sources label will recognize the general area covered: fairly active improvisational music that tends toward the quiet side of things with much skittering and popping. This is certainly the case here but 'Tactile' stands apart somewhat largely due to the instrumentation involved and particularly, I suspect, the contributions of trombonist Chagas who, while generating those brief and sputtering sounds, also leavens things a bit, seems to insist on a bit more space between sounds. Not uncommonly, given the frequent use of rubbing the instruments, it's difficult to tell who's generating what sounds — there's a lovely section midway through that resembles car engines speeding past outside the recording space. Overall, the quartet ambles on unhurriedly, making apt observations, listening, contributing steadily. A solid, thoughtful improvised session from four skilled musicians. Brian Olewnick (The Squid’s Ear)

A live performance at O'Culto da Ajuda in Lisbon from the Lisbon String Trio of Ernesto Rodrigues on viola, Miguel Mira on cello, and Alvaro Rosso on contrabass, joined in this concert by Creative Sources frequenct collaborator Eduardo Chagas (Variable Geometry Orchestra, IKB, Suspensao, &c), a large work of microscopically detailed and concentrative acoustic improv. (Squidco)