3 Phases (III) Black cs539









"3 Phases", or 3 aspects of the approach that violist Ernesto Rodrigues applies to improvisation, in 3 different groupings over 3 different concerts at O'Culto da Ajuda, in Lisbon, here in an electroacoustic ensemble with Miguel Mira, Guilherme Rodrigues, Joao Silva, Eduardo Chagas, Paulo Curado, Noel Taylor, Miguel Almeida, Andre Holzer, Andre Hencleeday, Carlos Santos, and Joao Valinho. (Squidco)

"Black", lasting over 47 minutes, is the most challenging and the most amazing. It is played by Diceros: the super-twelve-tet. combining string instruments, wind, percussion and electronics. It starts building up the atmosphere in a quiet and gradual way. The beauty of track is encoded in the interplays and interconnections between pair, triples, quadruples, etc. of instruments. There recording is such that individual instruments can be recognized, but with care. It is like visual art: seen from distance without resolution, looks differently. Here, one can hear this track as a continuous flow of alternative sound, or resolve, guess who is playing what... For me this is a combination of intellectual and emotional drug, addicting me more deeply and more profoundly the more I listen to it. Maciej Lewenstein