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Having been recorded more than a year ago, Sitsa seems almost delayed per the usual standards of Ernesto Rodrigues, but of course many musicians release recordings only years later: Its release is actually contiguous (in catalog number) with Kuori (discussed here in December 2018), another album including Moimême, there in a double guitar setup (and for which the "shell" meaning of the title reflects an image similar to that of the recently mentioned Spiegel), but with more of a central focus — albeit becoming larger or smaller according to perceptual expansion or contraction. Kuori might thus be contrasted with Magma (as noted above), on which Moimême & Rodrigues are joined (again) by metallic percussionist Antez in quite an eruption, less about twittering details of counterpoint or perception than an assertive, quasi-singular (& often violent) line of articulation. (In contrast to the post-serial investigations of Sitsa, then, Magma can be heard more as a distillation of heavy metal, perhaps in literal terms....) One can of course compare to (the more directly ambient?) Sîn (recorded "way back" in 2016, but released only last year) as well: Like Magma, it's the relatively rare second album by an identical improvising ensemble (after Nor, originally discussed here in April 2015) & involves more presence & polyphony (in the post-serial mode) per Sitsa. However, Sîn is also acoustic, and so still reflects primary audibility concerns — or perhaps even a sort of hermeneutics, not so unlike those of Spiegel & its explicit re-interrogation of an earlier performance (as mentioned last month).... Todd McComb's Jazz Thoughts