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And perhaps I should add a remark on recent digital-only release Egin, pairing the two Rodrigueses & Masing in a quintet, this time with Tomo Jacobson on bass & Mia Dyberg on alto sax, neither of whom had appeared in this space previously: It's yet another appealing album, sometimes aggressive after starting on harmonics, and also apparently focusing on mental or emotional transition for the listener via a variety of evocations amid wave-like explorations of continuity — although it's rather short. I also feel compelled to note that it already appeared on Bandcamp the day after it was recorded, in Berlin, this month! Todd McComb's Jazz Thoughts

Tomo leads here a amazing quintet session with my beloved Portuguese string players: Ernesto and Guilherme Rodrigues, the father and the son. Tomo himself says: "There is no leader, there is only music", and, of course he is right, but I had to choose the entry for this album so I chose Tomo. The quintet includes also two Danes: Elo Masing on violin and Mia Dyberg on alto. "Egin " is a 30 minutes long excursion into the land of free... sonorism. Krzysztof Penderecki introduced this avantgarde direction in the late 1950s expressing the
focus on the sound. "Elgin" is a great example the same approach, but applied to the free improvised music.
The disc contains one 30 minutes long track, that is a super controlled composition, but maybe to short to be upgrade to the ***** club.
It is quite complex and diffcult to classify. For me, because of the presence of four bowed string instrument, it does smell like a
contemporary chamber music spirit. This is correct,but there are also connections to contemporary minimalism.
Indeed it starts like a Kronos quartet's reading of a minimal music composition, but soon develops much more expressive moments and more varying and alternating moods and spirits. In all that the alto saxophone sounds of Mia Dyberg and Tomo's exploratios of the
possibilities of the double bass are indeed extremely important. Excellent record from the first to the last note!!! Maciej Lewenstein