Sur nos pas dans la clarté du jour cs668









[…] And of course, as this entry might already suggest, it's no surprise that as I started to feel caught up with new albums this Spring, it's Ernesto Rodrigues who suddenly erupts with several more (welcome, but I didn't know they was coming when I posted the previous entry) releases, so let me just note a couple of others for now: Sur nos pas dans la clarté du jour is under a half hour in length, and actually dates back to CreativeFest XII in November 2018, with Fred Marty (double bass) & Carlos Santos (electronics) joining Ernesto & Guilherme Rodrigues for another album interrogating smoothness & process (& reprising the ensemble from Jardin Carré, as discussed here more extensively in July 2018...), often low & creaky, slowly winding through windswept vistas & radio-like squeals... Todd McComb's Jazz Thoughts