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Adam Bohman
Played with Morphogenesis and Conspiracy in the 90's.
Since then has worked with Simon Rose, Tony Bevan and with synthesizer player Martin Hackett. , Ute Wassermann , John Russell  and trumpeter Rajesh Mehta.
Martin Klapper -amplified toys, Lucas Simonis -guitar, Jean-Michel Van Schouwborg-voice.
The London Improvisers Orchestra , Ensemble Trip-Tik, The Bohman Brothers.
Series of duo CD's with Adrian Northover as The Custodians.
Recent gigs include the Wire Magazine Festival, Whitstable, 26th February.
(Bohman Brothers with Patrizia Paolini).
Duo with Steve Beresford -Piano at the Sage Art Gallery in Newcastle
Performance at  'Rattling Cages' with Ilhan Volkov at the Proms, Royal Albert Hall 17th August. Performed in Twelve Hour Concert. Part of Erase and Reset Festival, Sophlensoele, Berlin,
Performance with Christian Marclay  Tate Modern.
The Full of Noises Festival in Barrow in Furness commissioned a new performance from me for July 2013.
Artist film-maker Helen Petts commissioned me to compose original music  for her Kurt Schwitters related film "Throw Them Up and Let Them Sing".
Performance at Tate Britain as part of the Schwitters in Britain 'Late at the Tate' at which I performed my composition 'Anna Blume' in a duo with Steve Beresford.