Alessandro Bosetti | 1973| Milano | Italy

Improviser, composer | soprano saxophone







7X4X7, Schwimmer - Creative Sources, CD Lisbon, 2004

With Jazz as my background, I have been playing soprano saxophone in several ensembles of improvised and experimental music as well as composing and leading my own interdisciplinary projects in acoustic art.
I have worked on the musicality of spoken words and unusual aspects of spoken communication and produced text-sound compositions featured in live performances, radio broadcastings and recordigs for labels of experimental music.
In my work I move on the line between sound antropology and composition.
Field research and interviews often build the basis for my abstract compositions.
As a saxophonist I’ve developped an instrumetal language that incorporate extended techniques, noises, and a strong influence from electronic music.
Present time activities include a text sound composition based on afasics and handicaped voices, and an acoustic art project featuring the whistling language from Gomera island.

Prizes :
2003 Radio art prize “Element” from La Muse en Circuit, Paris.

Radio productions :
2003 the whistling republic, wdr studio fuer akustische kunst
2002 die schnellsten woerter, wdr, studio fuer akustische kunst
2002 centolire : per le rime, rai radio3, ( proposed by rai for prix italia)
2000 centolire : il parco a tema, rai radio3
1998 luky, radioplay, author production.