Axel Dörner | 1964 | Cologne | Germany


Improvisor, composer | trumpet, electronics






Die enttauschung (grob), 1997

Barcelona series
, with sven-ake johansson / andrea neumann (hathut) 1999

The contest of pleasures
, butcher / charles / dörner, (potlatch), 2000

Axel Dörner/Kevin Drumm
(erstwhile), 2000

Solo: trumpet
(a bruit secret), 2001

(potlatch), 2001

No furniture
(creative sources), 2003

Studied piano and trumpet (with malte burba) at the musikhochschule, cologne. moved to berlin in 1994. he has worked together with numerous internationally respected figures in the fields of improvised music, new music and jazz. he has developed a totally unique style of trumpet playing based in part on unusual, often self-invented techniques. he has toured in europe, usa, australia, japan and appeared on numerous cd and record releases.