Andrew Greenwald | 1980 | New York | USA








He produces work which satisfies his fascination with the extremes of duration, density, texture, and their collective absence. This approach to composition and improvisation has established him as sought-after musician throughout the new music communities of the U.S. and Europe. He seeks to distill his instrument to its barest essentials—metal, wood, and plastic. Viewing the respective properties through this lens unearths a sound both transparent and immediate, blurring the line between convention and abstraction. The intent: to arrive at a sonic space where the multiplicity of this acoustic instrument yields a singularity- sound indistinguishable of its mean parts, and unified in its aural purpose/intention.
He holds a degree in music from New York University (2003, Cum Laude). Residencies include The Banff Centre for Jazz and Contemporary music (2002, 2004), Western Front (2004, Vancouver BC), Harold Arts (2007), and Pamplemousse Seedlot (2006, 2007). His work has been featured at such festivals as the Vancouver Jazz Festival, Nhebraska noise fest, Western Front, Festival of New Trumpet Music, and Sound Bubbles. Performance activities include work as soloist with TACTUS and Ensemble Pamplemousse. He has lectured at such institutions as Manhattan School of Music and The Banff Centre.