Agnès Palier | France









Oxymore: duo with S.Rives (labelle du Quai – 1999)
Rocca: duo with O.Toulemonde (Creative Sources – 2005)

Forming sound with her body and more specifically with her voice as exploratory channels...
Classical singing, French songs, and jazz. She then breaks away from music conventions and devotes herself to free improvisation. In intimate connection with organic sensations, beyond meaning and a dramatic-theatrical dimension, her voice practice leads her towards electro-acoustic projects, as well as to the crossroads between electronics, visual arts and dance. A duo with saxophone player S.Rives, resulting from a long term collaboration, and over the past ten years, performances with several musicians, painters and dancers on many European stages.
She currently performs with Olivier Toulemonde, Jean-Philippe Gross, Christine Séhnaoui, Sébastien Bouhana, the Masal Caldi orchestra, and plastic artist Magali Desbazeille. She also conducts workshops on voice and improvisation.