photo by Martin Mauerböck

Achim Tang | 1958 | Köln | Germany


double bass





Max Nagl Ensemble - Quartier Du Fasan : hathut, 2006
Kinds - The Very Life Of Art : loewenhertz 2005
Oskar Aichinger - Synapsis : between the lines, 2003
Achim Tang - In The Long Run : windhundrecords, 2002
Dzian & Kamien - Gran Riserva : couch records, 2002
Wolfgang Puschnig - Chants : quinton, 2001
Max Nagl Ensemble - Ramasuri : hathut, 2001
Maria Bill - Quand On A Que L´Amour : extraplatte 2001
Oskar Aichinger - Elements of Poetry :
between the lines, 1999 (
Guy Klucevsek - Stolen Memories : tzadik, 1996
Uli Rennert - Unexpected Events - : sos music,1993

Viennese musican, bass player, sonic research.
Born in Berlin, studied in Graz, lives in Cologne
Jazz? World Music? Improvisation?
border-crossing contacts in all keys, interstellar journeys through the audible universe; and in the centre:
Born 1958
Played double bass since 1984.
Achim Tang studied classical Music in Basel and Berlin, in 1987 he moved to Austria to study at the jazz department of the Hochschule für Musik und darstellende
Kunst in Graz.
Graduated from there 1992.

with Philip Zoubek (pno) and Matthias Muche (tb)
with Scott Fields (guit)
Das Multibassorchester
with Sebastian Gramss (b), Dietmar Fuhr (b) and Christian Ramond (b)
with Tiziana Bertoncini (vln) and Thoman Lehn (synth)
Andy Manndorff - Trio
with Andy Manndorf (guit) and Reini Winkler (dr)
Alles viel zu sehr umsonst - Improvisations on lyrics by Ernst Herbeck
with Christian Reiner (Oral Office, Berlin)
Hannes Löschel - Kinds
with Hannes Löschel (pno) and David Tronzo (slide guitar)
Max Nagl - Quintett
with Joanna Lewis (vln), Max Nagl (saxes), Patrice Heral (perc) and Josef Novotny (pno)
Wolfgang Puschnig - Chants
with Linda Sharrock (voc), Wolfgang Puschnig (reeds), Woody Schabata (vibes), Franz
Hautzinger (tp), Reini Winkler (dr) and Laurinho Bandeira (perc)
Oskar Aichinger - Synapsis
with Oskar Aichinger (pno, synth.), Stefan Nemeth (electr.) and Paul Skrepek Junior (dr)
Mamadou Diabate - Bekadiya
with Mamadou Diabate (balafon), Luis Sanou (balafon), Thomas Berghammer(tp), Luki
Knöfler (dr), Nick Baker (perc) and Werner Wurm (tb)