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Ame Zek is an electroacoustic musician, guitar player, composer and sound sculptor.
His interests and work are based on experiences in experimental,improvised, electronic,contemporary,acoustic, noise, new and traditional music and field recordings. Instruments, sound sources and tools used in Ame Zek’s music practice vary from different types of prepared guitars, acoustic percussions, self made objects, contact microphones,analog modular synthesizer, amplified feedback speakers, magnetic field microphones and digital midi machines.
Since 2006 he is actively participating ,collaborating and playing in Berlin different scenes.
In continuous research,use and exposure of micro tonalities ,micro noises and overtones relations of the sonic material Ame Zek’s main interest and occupation remain ‘’the sound” with its unique sonic characteristics.Driven by dissonances and feedback resonances Ame Zek’s music world gradually becomes organic dimension.Being constantly on the way of looking for new approaching and developing of his own technics and strategies of music making, he lives and works in Berlin.