Bas van Koolwijk | Netherlands


laptop (video)






Video and audio artist Bas van Koolwijk analyses the disturbances produced by video, transforming them into numeric code, in order to produce a visual and acoustic sequence in which sounds and images vigorously interact. His video works can be seen as an aggressive attack on the illusion of the medium itself. Through a rigorous and formalistic approach, Van Koolwijk exposes the face of the machine which lives behind the often-placating veil of the televised image.
Distributed by the Netherlands Media Art Institute, his videos are regularly screened at international video art festivals, museums and art galleries. Next to producing single screen works and installations, Van Koolwijk creates performances with realtime audio/video applications, solo as well as with others. His performances have been hosted by numerous festivals and events including MUTEK (Montreal CA), Netmage (Bologna IT), Club Transmediale (Berlin DE), Avanto (Helsinki FI), Sonic Acts (Amsterdam NL), Dissonanze (Rome IT). Recent collaborations include projects as SYNCHRONATOR with Gert-Jan Prins, N-collective's SKIF++ and YOKOMONO/VIDEO with Staalplaat Soundsystem.