Birgit Ulher | 1961 | Nuremburg| Germany

Visual artist, improvisor, trumpet




Air Mail
Birgit Ulher, trumpet
Wolfgang Ritthoff, percussionPUT:

Birgit Ulher, trumpet
Ulrich Phillipp, double bass
Roger Turner, drums, percussion

Birgit Ulher, trumpet
Martin Klapper, amplified objects, tapes, toys
Jürgen Morgenstern, double bass

Birgit Ulher, trumpet
Ernst Thoma, live-electronics

UNSK: Tidszon
Birgit Ulher, trumpet
Lise-Lott Norelius, live-electronics
Martin Küchen, saxofon
Raymond Strid, drums, percussion

Birgit Ulher, trumpet
Ute Wassermann, voice

Birgit Ulher, trumpet
Gino Robair, energized surfaces, voltage made audible

Landscape: recognizable
Birgit Ulher, trumpet
Lou Mallozzi, microphon, turntables
Michael Zerang, percussion

Nordzucker: 500 gr
Birgit Ulher, trumpet
Lars Scherzberg, sax
Michael Maierhof, cello

Birgit Ulher, trumpet
Damon Smith, doublebass
Martin Blume, drums, percussion

Birgit Ulher, trumpet

Birgit Ulher studied the visual arts and still maintains an active interest and engagement with this area working on drawings, environments and graphic works on polaroids. This is also closely linked with her music in a way notdissimilar to that shown in the Fluxus movement with its affinity with music.
Since moving to Hamburg in 1982, she has been involved in free improvisation, dance projects and solo performances and often plays in occasional/ad-hoc groupings with european and american improvisors. She co-founded a musicians' collective and organised the Real Time Music Meeting, a festival for improvised music.

Current projects include:

UNSK: a quartet with Martin Küchen, Lise-Lott Norelius and Raymond Strid

Duo with Ute Wassermann, voice

Duo with Ernst Thoma, live-electronics

Nordzucker: trio with Lars Scherzberg and Michael Maierhof

Duo with Gino Robair

Trio with Lou Mallozzi and Michael Zerang

Various formations with Damon Smith