Cyril Epinat | 1984 | Roanne | France

ac. & el. guitars, skateboard








Vive le pain mouillé ! (PourQuoi pAs ??!)
DUO... CS044

First, Cyril plays piano, and then he learns jazz guitar when he was 11. In january 2004 he becomes guitar teacher.
He is a member of Jam spirit (Jazz and French song quintet) and PourQuoi pAs ??! (trio of indefinite music)
He begins to play improvisation during master-class with Phil Minton, René Lussier, Eugène Chadbourne or Xavier Charles.
Now, he is a member of MICRO association (Musique Improvisée en Côte ROannaise) with Mathias Forge, Léo Dumont and Thierry Moulat and plays improvisation with musicians and dancers like Mathias Forge, trombone and radios ; Nicolas Desmarchelier, guitar (collectif Ishtar) ; Xavier Saiki, electric guitar (tribu Hérisson) ; Li Ping Ting, dance and Emilie Borgo, dance (Passaros company).