Chris Forsyth | USA









Guitarist Chris Forsyth is a founding member of the iconoclastic group Peeesseye, who have released 5 CDs and performed in all manner of venue around the US and Europe since forming in 2002.  Other projects include the mysterious and rarely spotted quartet Phantom Limb & Bison; the civil twilight cover band Dirty Pool; lead guitar duties for cabaret art rockers Condor Moments; and improvised encounters with the likes of Alessandro Bosetti (Italy), Chris Heenan (US), Nate Wooley (US), Burkhard Beins (GER),Tetuzi Akiyama (JP), and Ernesto Diaz-Infante(US). He has also composed and performed music for choreographer Miguel Gutierrez & the Powerful People. Forsyth has been releasing his and other's music on the Evolving Ear label since 2000.