Christian Lillinger | Germany


drums, percussion







Born on April 21st 1984 in Lübben, he started playing drums at the age of 13 and was tutored by Günther “Baby” Sommer in Dresden from 2000 to 2004. From 2001 to 2003 he was a member of “Bujazzo” under the direction of Peter Herbholzheimer. In 2000 he won the International Improvisation Contest in Leipzig. Since 2002 he’s been collaborating intensively with HYPERACTIVE KID. In 2008 he formed his own band GRUND, which was released will be released on the label Clean Feed in April 2009.
He performed in concerts and at festivals in Italy (Vincenza Jazzfestival), Poland, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark (Copenhagen Jazzfestival), Portugal, Croatia, Belgium, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary and France (Jazzfestival Reims). He played with a.o. Joachim Kühn, Gerd Dudek, Mederic Collingnon, Claudio Puntin, Pete Rende, Gunther Hampel, Rudi Mahall, John Schröder, Mack Goldsbury, Jonas Westergaard, Johannes Fink, Carsten Daerr, Daniel Erdmann, Hendrik Walsdorff, Gebhard Uhllmann, Ernst Ludwig Petrowski, Urs Leimgruber, Günther “Baby” Sommer, Paulo Cardoso, Manfred Schoof, Claudio Puntin, Simon Nabatov, Tobias Delius, Frank Gratkowski and Axel Dörner.
Moreover, he also works as a soloist and is a member of a.o. the Joachim Kühn Trio, the Rolf Kühn Quartet, Vierergruppe Gschlößl, E und U Mann, Ember, Duo Sommer and Duo Lillinger, Schmittmenge Meier, The Vanguard, Wanja Slavin Quartet and Sextet, John Schröder Quartet, Tobias Delius Trio and Spoom.
Lillinger is living in Berlin since 2003 working as a musician and composer.