David Chiesa | France

double bass









Self-taught, he begins the music in diverse rock  bands as electric bass player. Turned since 1997 to the improvisation, he directs his work on the relation in the other artistic practices such as the dance (with Fine Kwiatkowski, Valérie Métivier, Véronique Albert, Yukiko Nakamura), the poetry (with Ly Thanh Tiên), the experimental movie ( with Xavier Quérel, Christophe Auger, Etienne Caire, Gaêlle Rouard)... Interested in the reality as the material of play, he's brought to meet the collective Ouie/Dire (Marc Pichelin, Jean Pallandre, Laurent Sassi, Xavier Charles, Isabelle Duthoit, Kristoff Guez) with whom he develops links between the "musical" improvisation and the phonography. As improviser, he participated in numerous meetings and multiplies collaborations on the long term with musicians such as Jean Luc Guionnet, Frédéric Blondy, Michel Doneda, Isabelle Duthoit... He played in Europe, in the United States, in the Lebanon... He is member co-founder of the association Le Clou based in the Dordogne engaged in the though and  the distribution of the practices of the improvisation.