Dario Sanfilippo | 1983 | Agrigento | Italy









He started working on electro-acoustic music in about 1997. Since then, his research concentrated on experimental and non conventional music, both composed and improvised. Some of his works have been released in some independent labels like Nexsound (UA), Idroscalo Dischi (IT), Entity (BE), RudiMentale (IT), and he has performed in some italian festivals (Urgh, Turin 2004 - Live!iXem2005, Mestre 2005 - Scatole Sonore, Rome 2006) and experimental music contexts (Idroscalo Party, Rome 2003 - Idroscalo Showcase, Palermo 2005 - ElettroCinematica#2, Palermo 2005 - Premio Nazionale delle Arti 2007, Bologna 2008 - AMP2 Showcase, Palermo 2008). His main projects are based on computer for the creation of non-linear DSP systems through feedback-networks, analogic devices with the use of circuit-bending techniques, and environmental recordings. Nowadays, he studies electronic music at the conservatory of Trapani, in the class of Domenico Sciajno.

tirriddiliu AT gmail.com