David Stackenäs | 1974 | Stockholm | Sweden

guitar , composer









acoustic trio coming up… LJ records jan 2006
Mats Gustafsson/David Stackenäs duo “blues” Atavistic ALP163CD sept 2005
Martin Küchen/David Stackenäs duo
”agape” creative sources recordings CS035 may 2005
Sten Sandell/D. Stackenäs + Evan Parker trio psi 04.10 oct 2004
Surd “Live at Glenn Miller” AYLcd oct 2004
Mats Gustafsson / Sonic Youth w friends “Hidros 3” STS080 aug 2004
Ken Vandermark-David Stackenäs duo
”Two days in december” WOBO 12 sept 2002 TRI-DIM ”2 OF 2” SOFA 510 nov 2002 DJustable “the Zanzibar excursion” INFO DVD 01 aug 2002
Christer Bothén Acoustic Ensemble “Seven pieces” LJCD 5230 dec 2001
SOUNDS 99 (compilation from festival) BTCD 09/10/11 dec 2000
David Stackenäs ”David Stackenäs” OBEP 04 oct 2000
David Stackenäs ”the guitar” H.3 aug 2000
TRI-DIM ”Tri-Dimprovisations” bp 99005 feb 2000

Started playing guitar at the age of 10. Music studies at the Royal Collage of Music in Stockholm for 4 years. Has since end of studies in 1998 been working with free improvised music and jazz as a freelance. WORKING BANDS: ANIMES (Raymond Strid, dr & perc. – Johan Berthling, b) since 1997
TRI-DIM (Håkon Kornstad, reeds – Ingar Zach, dr & perc.) since 1997 acoustic trio (C. Bothén - bsclar, gimbri, doso n´koni, Peter Söderberg – theorbo, lute) Martin Küchen/Stackenäs duo (Küchen – reeds) since 2003 Mats Gustafsson/Stackenäs duo (Gustafsson – reeds) since 2003
Frontroom Ensemble (Johan Berthling –b, Andreas Berthling- laptop, Amit Sen –cello, Sten Sandell –piano +electronics, P-Å Holmlander –tuba, M Küchen –reeds, Thomas Hallonsten –trp+accordion)


Kabaret Underordning, Unga Klara Stockholm. Theatre-musician in a play directed by Suzanne Osten jan-june 2005.
DoeK 2005 festival 2005. w/Wilbert de Joode june 2005
SONAR festival, Barcelona solo, june 2005
Stockholm New Music 2005. w/Frontroom Ensemble. Feb 2005
Time Flies, Vancouver feb 2005
Freedom of the city festival, w/Sten Sandell +Evan Parker trio. London may 2003
Athen guitarfestival, solo, small music theatre feb 2004.
Djustable - tour in Europe, Dec 2003.
John Edwards/Ingar Zach/David Stackenäs – tour in Sweden and Norway, Nov 2003.
Frislag solo-tour – concerts and seminars in Sweden (Swedish concert-institute)