Ervin Malina | 1981 | Selenca | Serbia


double bass







He was born on the 11th of may in 1981 in Selenca, a little Slovakian village in Vojvodina, Serbia. His musical educations are a first grade musical schlool at Zombor on piano speciality and a secondary at Nagybecskerek on contrabass- and musical theory speciality. Now, he is apsolvent-student of the Art Academy of Novi Sad on speciality of contrabass in the class of Nebojsa Ignjatovic. From 1995 he continously plays original slovakian folk music with traditionalist groups all over the Vajdaság county. He is interested in jazz and improvisative music since 1997. He spent one year in the orchestra of Boris Kovac, which has given many concerts all over the world (Hunagry, Czehoslovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Norway, Japan). Since 2004. He work with band „Earth-wheel-sky“. He plays with Szilárd Mezei from 1999, and is a stable member of the various formations of Mezei. Besides, he is a member of the Philharmony of Vojvodina and the Novi Sad Chamber Orchestra as well. Since 2006 He plays in Josef Nadj’s choreography-piece „Asobu“ in Centre Chorégraphique National d’Orléans.