Distilling Silence | cs756

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Part 1 [17’21’’]
Part 2 [9’31’’]
Part 3 [13’30’’]
Part 4 [7’50’’]

Ernesto Rodrigues (centre right): viola
Bruno Parrinha (centre left): bass clarinet
Emídio Buchinho (right): archtop guitar
Carla Santana (left): synths and electronics



Live multitrack recording at the Studio 111
on the 14th  may 2022 at Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, Amadora

Sound recording, mixing and mastering: Emídio Buchinho and Carla Santana
Cover design: Carlos Santos
Executive Production: Creative Sources, Ernesto Rodrigues, Emídio Buchinho, Carla Santana and Bruno Parrinha




Cover design by Carlos Santos