Franz Hautzinger | 1963 | Austria









Abu Tarek – CD CS025, Lisbon 2005

Composer and performer of new and improvised music.
S tudied trumpet and composition at the graz academy of music and the performing arts and at the vienna conservatory. Since 1989 he teaches ensemble, composition, and arrangement at the vienna university of music and the performing arts. He is (guest-)soloist in various ensembles, partner in international art cooperations (e.g. of elliott sharp, ben patterson, joachim kuhn, tony oxley, otomo yosihide), and creator of his own projects ('franz hautzinger speakers corner', 'dachte musik', 'regenorchester', soloprojects). Franz Hautzinger plays a unique instrumental idiom fitting into contemporary jazz. In the last years he has turned to a vernacular that is inspired mostly by new music and practically independent of jazz in his improvising, composing, and concepts. His explicit linearity that incorporates elements of modal (miles davis) and of free jazz (bill dixon) increasingly makes way for a sound-emphasizing exploration of spaces of action and incident. Despite all outward reduction to aphoristic abbreviations and laconic gestures (flightily breathed melody fragments, single tones imploding in silence, elaborate microsounds, or the poignant application of quarter tone intervals) hautzinger's music still features a closely knit texture, rich in association, which rather communicates via parameters like density, volume, and color, than by distinctive pitches and time values. The musician's works are radically subjective, from the solo performance that deals with non-musical subjects like privacy and intimacy all the way to variably instrumentalized ensemble works. Often these works are predetermined by flexible frame notation or graphic structure planning and lose nothing of their precision, transparency, and brittle beauty if they are left totally to the intuition of the moment ('realtime composing').