Fhievel | 1980 | Biella | Italy


Improviser - electronics, field recordings, objects






vetri di carta (s'agita, 2003)
rocchetti/fhievel/sigurtà (creative sources, 2005)

What characterizes his music? Possibly a great innocence.
If his electronic engineering studies helped his meeting with algorhytmic composition, possibily they gave way to his estethic dualism. His constant doubts concerning technology, the desire to bring back art to the state of an unconditioned phenomenon, finally back in man's hands - and the necessity for development contribute to a severe creation, pushed towards a secure natural feeling.
As with some of early 1900 writers, to whom syntax had to be freed from every constriction to be able to express thoughts and soul motions, even in his musical compositions exact order looses its connotations morphing into an uncaring confession. The immaterial and scarce emerges, landscapes and images, colors depicted in sound and brought back in the inner feeling sphere, analyzed by a subjective point of view, and stay abstract up until musical punctuature may be glimpsed.