Gilles Aubry | Berlin










Swiss musician based in Berlin since 2002. His eclectic activites range from sound installations to rock concerts over radio performances, with a big weight on improvised music of every kind.
As a computer musician, Gilles Aubry has been touring and recording extensivly troughout Europe and Russia during the last decade. Over the years, he has developed a unique style of realtime improvisation with computer.
Among his current working bands one can mention « MONNO », a powerfull experimental-rock combo produced by belgian indie-label Conspiracy, «The Same Girl », with british drummer Nicolas Field (the duo toured Russia and the balkan states in spring 2004), « Swift Machine » a berlin based electro-acoustic trio and finaly, Gilles Aubry’s newest solo project « ANTI TAUPE ».
Beside that, Gilles Aubry was involved in numerous collaborations with musicians such as Axel Doerner (DE), John Hegre (Jazzkammer, NO), Klaus Filip (AT), Jaime Fenely (USA), Le Qua Ninh (FR), Seiji Murayama (JP), Vladislaw Makarov (RU), Steve Buchannan (USA), Bertrand Denzler (CH), Dirk Bruinsma (NL), Tao Samalec (SLO), Tom Tlalim (ISR), Alexei Borisov(RU) and Eric Cordier (FR).
As a composer and sound artist, Gilles Aubry has been commissioned to design several pieces for ensemble, cinema, dance and installations.
His most recent works include « MD Project » (2002) for computer, ensemble & electronic tap dancing, «Paranovela Normal» (2004), a computer composition for cinema performance, « FLOW » (2002-03), an information art performance together with artist Ulrike Gabriel, « SILICONATA » (2003) a generative score for improvisation, « TRAFIC » (2003), a site specific sound installation and « LA MATIERE ET L'ECHO » (2004), a concert/installation for
10 loudspeakers.
He is leading the label & organisation Sound Implant.