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2006: Light and Roundchair - Creative Sources, Portugal (solo)


2005: Live in Jerusalem, April 15, 2004, Topheth Prophet, Israel, online release (with Victoria Hanna)
2005: Frogs, Topheth Prophet/Auris Media, Israel (with Victoria Hanna)
2004: For electronics and birds, Stateart, Germany
2003: Split, Ak Duck/Fact, Israel (with Ambidextrous)
2001: Album for the Young, Earsay, Israel
2000: Polise, Earsay, Israel
1999: One Second Before the Planet Blows Up, Fact, Israel

Grundik Kasyansky composes and improvises live electronic music, sound installations, and sound for film, theatre and dance. He formed Grundik+Slava together with Slava Smelovsky in Israel on 1995. Their music is published through Fact, Earsay, Ak Duck, Topheth Prophet, Auris Media (Israel) and Stateart (Germany). Grundikís sound installations were presented in Herzelia Museum of Art (Israel), Diapason Gallery (NY), Art in General (NY), CAVE (NY), Andrea Meislin Gallery (NY), Galleria Pack (Italy), Digitalis 2 (Canada) and Pixxelpoint 2002 (Slovenia). As sound designer he worked for numerous award winning films and theatre productions.