Günter Müller | 1954 | Munich | Germany


percussion, electronics







Stralau - CD CS032, Lisbon 2005

Living in Switzerland since 1966, percussionist Günter Müller has been playing a unique drum set with a mobile pick-up and microphone system of his own invention since 1981. The system allows hand-generated sounds on drums and percussion to be modulated electronically. Since 1998 minidiscs, later an ipod are included in his electronic set.
He has played and recorded with a large number of fine musicians, from Jim O'Rourke to Christian Marclay, from Butch Morris to Otomo Yoshihide.
Müller was a founding member of the trio Nachtluft, with Andres Bosshard and Jacques Widmer, who have been creating sound-installations and sound-architecture, and of the electronic quartet Poire_z with Erik M and Voice Crack.
Müller plays solo, and now and then in various combinations - often in duo - with Taku Sugimoto, Jason Kahn, Steinbrüchel, Norbert Möslang, Toshimaru Nakamura, Tomas korber, Lê Quan Ninh, Keith Rowe, ErikM, Carlos Zíngaro, Sachiko M, Michel Doneda, Fabrice Charles, u.o.
In 1990, he founded the independent record label FOR 4 EARS records.