Photo by Dominique Delpoux

Heddy Boubaker | 1963 | Marseille | France

alto saxophone








"02-03" solo saxophone - HBBK, 2003
"Glotosifres" Trio Pakos - Créative Sources Recordings, 2005
"Vortex" duo with Sebastien Cirotteau - Stasisfield, 2005

Born in 1963 in Marseille (France) a nice Sunday of March at siesta time, influenced by the Mediterranean sea and the Mistral wind, Heddy Boubaker has played music and experimented with sounds since 1977, starting with electric guitar in a mainly rock/punk style. He's now playing improvised music with his alto saxophone in an indescribable style, in which we are always able to hear the sea and the wind among many other ... things. He also manages the improvised music venue La Maison Peinte near Toulouse ( ).
He has played with many musicians, dancers and performers like Lê Quan Ninh, Michel Doneda, Marc Démereau, Barre Phillips, Sébastien Cirotteau, Fabien Duscomb, Françoise Guerlin, Nusch Werchowska, Mathias Pontévia, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Christine Sehnaoui, Sharif Sehnaoui, Jean Pallandre, Anne Choquet, Guillaume Viltard, Étienne Brunet, Valérie Métivier, Wade Mattews, David Chiesa, Benjamin Bondonneau, Leonel Kaplan, Diego Chami, Jean-Sébastien Mariage, Sébastien Bouhana, Christophe Grivel, Bertrand Gauguet, Quentin Dubosc, David Audinet, Pascal Battus, David Conan ...