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Harald Kimmig | 1956 | Germany

Violinist, Composer









Harald Kimmig has made his own statement in the border zones between avantgarde-jazz, post-free und classical music. Whether with his own groups, or in projects together with Cecil Taylor, Steve Lacy or John Tchicai, to name but a few. "It's always the music itself that knows the way," he admits "Over and over again, music challenges me to take a new and unknown path. I always follow it, and I listen and I'm amazed."
Harald Kimmig trained as a classical musician from 1966 - 1974. He finished his studies with David Baker, Muneer B.Fenell, John Tchicai und Cecil Taylor, turning professional in 1984. Apart from solo concerts, Harald Kimmig played from 1984 -1995 in 'kxutrio' (with Georg Wolf, contrabass and H.Lukas Lindenmaier, percussion). Kimmig is also the co-leader of the large ensemble, 'F-Orkestra' which has given numerous performances with soloists such as Buddy Collette, Peter Kowald, Steve Lacy (Schrottmusik 1988; Niggermusik?! 1993; Es Gab Cis De Fis 1996; Der Lärm der Freiheit 1999).
Harald Kimmig has given many performances as soloist as well with John Tchicai, Lee Konitz, Irene Schweizer, Maggie NicolsLe Quan Ninh, Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Alfred Zimmerlin, Daniel Studer, Christian Dierstein, Birgit Ulher, Géraldine Keller, a.o.
Two CDs, 'Legba Crossing' and 'Corona: Looking' are the result of several years of colaboration with Cecil Taylor.
Kimmig has also worked closely with dancers and choreographers, resulting in performances like 'Untitled Memories Gate 7' and 'Himmel und Erde' (with Lilo Stahl); 'The Crocodile' (with Anzu Furukawa); 'Once in a Lifetime' (with Pretty Ugly Dance Company/Amanda Miller), ‘A Void’ , Lost Dog’, ‚Stereo’(all with Hideto Heshiki)a.o.
Harald Kimmig has composed music for film and theatre, string quartets and larger orchestral works ('Der Lauf des Lichtes und der Dunkelheit' Oratorium, 1999).