Herman Müntzing | 1964 | Stockholm | Sweden


musician, composer and educator








Attended the Royal Academy of Music in the late eighties and has since his graduation transformed from a straight jazz/rock bass player into a more broadminded sound artist, working mainly in the fields of improvised and experimental music.
Since the late nineties, his life as a musician includes different Swedish and international groups. Giving concerts in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, UK, Iceland, Belgium, France, and Holland. Collaborations with Phil Minton, Eugene Chadbourne, Martin Küchen, Andreas Axelsson, Peter Nilsson, Dror Feiler, Rex Caswell, Sten Sandell, Mats Gustavsson, Raymond Stridh, Johannes Bergmark, Stefan Östersjö, Amit Sen, Kjell Nordesson,
He is giving lectures/workshops in many different situations, often striving for a new approach to the boundaries between sound, noise and music. “Creative sound research”, “graphic notation” and “building experimental musical instruments” is example of workshops he has led several times. The interest in expanding the common thoughts about the qualifications for a “real” musical instrument, made him search for new sounds in the everyday surroundings, exploring casual objects and their own unique sound qualities. Eventually this research made him create the “flexichord”, a 12-stringed experimental musical instrument made out of strings and pickups from two electric guitars attached to a horizontal solid piece of wood. Performing the flexichord invites him to prepare and play the instrument with different materials and objects like rubber, stones, glass, metal, sawblades etc. Combining this with electronics and sampling shows the essence in his aesthetics.