Hannes Wienert | 1960 | Hamburg | Germany


trumpet, saxophones





Alphea with Peter Wilson
(Leo Records -LEO LAB CD 009)
Brot & Honig
Ton-Art Ensemble with Evan Parker
(True Muze Rec. rec by NDR)

Studied visual Art in Hamburg
Drawings - Paintings -Musicinstallations
graphic Notations & different reed and brass Instruments
tibetian Dung Chen,Dung Kar, chinese Sheng, HuLuSi,
Concerts &Performances with:
Japanese Butoh Dancer Mitsutaka Ishii, Malcom Goldstein, Keith Rowe, Fred Frith, Evan Parker, Vinco Globokar, Rhodri Davis, Jack Wright, Jeff Arnal, John Hughes, Chad Popple
Duo Formations with Peter Niklas Wilson, Heiner Metzger, Wittwulf Malik and the great composer & guitarist Sascha Demand
Performances with visual Artist (Light installations) Katrin Bethge
Member of Ton-Art Ensemble Hamburg
Submarine Orchester
Tentacle Tubes &
many Solo concerts in combination with Lyrik's (Li Tai Po) and Art Exibitions
'Schmeckabend' Events with Ragna Jürgensen for cooking, music, film & poems
created the Exibition Zyklus 'Hören&Sehen' I-IV for
graphic Notations & Partiturs and Live Music
(catalogue I-III)