Jeremy Baysse










Born In 1979, Jeremy Baysse is a French guitar player, composer and improvisor. He studied music at the University of Poitiers and expanded his knowledge of jazz, composition and improvisation at the music conservatories of Angoulême and Poitiers.
Baysse is a multi-dimensional musician who listens voraciously to a colossal range of musical styles, his eclectic output reflects this musical world, with a vocabulary ranging from beautiful lyricism to unusual sounds, dissonant clashes, and bizarre juxtapositions. His style covers jazz, rock, noise, contempary music, free improvisation and early baroque music.
As a very active and working musician, Baysse composed for the theatre (The Beggard's opera, La peur), silent movies (Go West, Chang, One Week, The Thief, Nosferatu, Navigator, DADA cinema...), documentaries (Le revelateur, Ephemére...) but also classic films (le Regie G, Le corps des vieux) and dance choreographers. His more personal projects saw him take the lead in his own bands (Zox trio, Jeremy Baysse Quintet, Jeremy Baysse trio and duets with the soprano Anais vintour and singer Isabelle Bouhet...).
At present, he plays free music in a trio: 
 « Ecorchure » (with Jean-Luc Petit and Fabrice Favriou).