Jeff Carey | USA








American composer and electro-instrumentalist Jeff Carey focuses on novel sound generation techniques ranging from feedback systems to non-standard synthesis. He is dedicated to making self-built synthesis software a viable live performance instrument: no editing and no non-realtime operations. His is the music of the visceral, ecstatic, and electric moment.

As a composer, soloist, and member of performance units (Office-R(6), SKIF++, USA/USB, N-Ensemble), he has performed in Europe and the US at Galleries and Festivals like Pixilerations, NIME, High Zero, Natt Jazz, Gaudeamus Live Electronic Music Festival, Sonic Acts XI, SEAMUS, Ekko Festival, NuMusic Festival, Borealis Festival, Piksel Festival, The Chelsea Museum, De Appel, Gaudeamus International Music Week, NYCEMF, )toon), Sonic Circuits, The Night of the Unexpected, Trondheim Matchmaking, Earational Festival, and Transmediale
.Carey builds custom software instruments for musicians and has given lectures or courses on SuperCollider 3 and/or MKeys at Peabody Conservatory, Princeton, STEIM, Tisch ITP at NYU, BEK, TEKS, NoTAM, and Modulate. He has had artistic residencies at STEIM, Stiftelsen Kulturhuset USF, and Harvestworks. He co-produces DNK Radio for new live electronic music on Dutch Public Radio. His work has received funding from Norsk Kulturråd Prosjektstøtte, Nederlandse Programma Stichting, FAPK, Dutch Consulate, VSB Fonds, Scheppende Toonkunst, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities and the National Endowment for the Arts.
Carey studied Audio Technology at American University (1994) and computer music at the Instituut voor Sonologie in the Koningklijk Conservatorium (2002). He is a founding member of the N-Collective.