Jacob Felix Heule | USA








Jacob Felix Heule is an improvising drummer and multi-instrumentalist whose music spans the spectrum from overwhelming brutality to reductionist austerity. Free improv, noise, black metal and gamelan all have influenced his aesthetic and technique.
The child of musically adventerous parents, Jacob grew up listening to Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart, and later developed a particular fondness for Throbbing Gristle and Merzbow. Becoming involved in noncommercial radio in 1999 expanded his musical interests to include the aforementioned genres and beyond. At that point, Jacob began to realize the full potential for the instrumental abilities he had developed while drumming in punk bands and playing alto sax in school, and he has relentlessly pursued his continually-expanding vision ever since.
Jacob is currently a member of the free jazz/black metal duo, Ettrick, and the doom noise duo, Hodag, as well as a frequent participant in a diverse range of ad hoc improv ensembles. He has played in small group situations with James Plotkin, Weasel Walter, David Slusser, Elliott Levin, Tim Wyskida (Khanate), Moe Staiano, Aaron Hibbs (Sword Heaven), Tony Dryer, David Lim (Tralphaz) and Sarah Cathers (16 Bitch Pile-Up). Jacob has attended private lessons and master classes with Gino Robair, Han Bennink, John Butcher, Phillip Greenlief, Marilyn Crispell and Mats Gustafsson.