Joseba Irazoki | 1974 | Bera | Basque Country


guitar,string instruments






"Olatuetan" (creative sources 2006)
"folk me,laztana"(moonpalace records 2006)
"gizona zakur egin zen" (hirusta records 2005)

After working as a studio musician and accompanying many singers,he started his own project in 2003 under the moniker of DO.Based around the guitar and other string instruments he composes songs and improvises thoughful different landscapes. His first record named "tokian tokiko" was out on summer 2005 on the sweet label lucky kitchen.Also he has started a new project based on his voice where he mixes pop and folk music with the rich tradition of the Basque Country.
As an improvisor he explores the possibilitys of the string instruments, mostly the guitar. He has played with Eugene Chadbourne, Ferran Fages, Josh Abrams, Margarida Garcia, Nishide Takehiro,...