Jason Kahn | USA

percussion, electronics









CD CS 027, Lisbon 2005

Jason Kahn grew up in the United States and moved to Europe in 1990.
He performs both solo and together with musicians like Dieb 13,
Steinbrüchel, Kim Cascone, John Hudak, Steve Roden, Günter Müller, Kevin Drumm and Toshimaru Nakamura. He has given concerts in Japan, Europe,
Australia, North and South America, Turkey, Israel and Russia.
Various solo and collaborative recordings released on Cut, the label he started in 1998, as well as Sirr, For4Ears, Brombron, Rossbin, Antifrost, Domizil and Crouton.
He has exhibited several sound installations in North and South America and Europe.
Kahn lives in Zürich, Switzerland.