Jacob Lindsay | USA








Clarinetist Jacob Lindsay was born, lives, and performs in Oakland, California. Although he works in many genres, he focuses on the continuum following the U.S. free jazz movement spawned in the 60's, moving through European non-idiomatic free-improvisation, and globally into its current incarnations. Jacob has participated in the SF Bay Area realization of this continuum since 1995 beginning with early collaborations with bassist Damon Smith.
Jacob works with the full range of clarinets from Contrabass to Ab Piccolo. He combines traditional approaches to the instruments with new approaches based on pragmatic, pre-fabricated methods of sound production and structure.
Jacob has studied clarinet with Ben Goldberg, Jim Freeman, and Mark Brandenburg. He holds a BA in Music from UC Santa Cruz. His early musical education also involved study and workshops with bassist Lisle Ellis. During this time he performed with many groups including regularly with Ben Goldberg's Brainchild and Marco Eneidi's American Jungle Orchestra. More recently he has perfomed with numerous musicians within the Bay Area and beyond, including Wolfgang Fuchs, Aurora Josephson, Scott R. Looney, Kyle Bruckmann, Tony Dryer, Jacob Felix Heule, Philipp Wachsmann, Martin Blume, Boris Baltschun, Serge Baghdassarians, Gino Robair, Phillip Greenlief, Ava Mendoza, and Weasel Walter.
In addition to duties as clarinetist, Jacob has also served as composer and conductor for projects such as Ives and Our America, Shut Up is the New Avant-Garde, and the Jacob Lindsay Double Ensemble.