Kai Fagaschinski | 1974 | Dannenberg/Elbe | Germany









~ solo for 'berlin reeds' (a four-mini-cd set that includes also solo works by alessandro bosetti, gregor hotz and rudi mahall/ absinthrecords, berlin 04/2003)

~ rebecca [two variations] (charhizma, vienna 09/2003)

~ fagaschinski/thieke: “einfache freuden”, one-track-contribution on the compilation labor-cd - labor sonor / kule / berlin (charhizma, vienna 10/2003)

~ no furniture (creative sources, lisboa 01/2004)

~ los glissandinos: stand clear (creative sources, lisboa 06/2005)

~horn_bill - reed solos by j. butcher, n. catchpole, k. fagaschinski, l. gare,
e. parker and s. wright (matchless recordings, essex/uk 07/2005)

~ kai fagaschinski & bernhard gal: going round in serpentines (charhizma, berlin

Kai focuses on a subtle musicality of noise phenomena. his music is abstract including an insidious expressivity and a pre-melodic quality. working method combines composition, improvisation and conceptualism.
preference is for extended working collaborations and musical discussions in constant ensembles. personally important projects in the past have included the experimental (non-)musicians tentet twete de ijaldi (1994-95) and the small music duo zwybaky (1998-2001) with violinist gerhard uebele.
kai found his home in berlin. he is the commander of the series of concert at raumschiff zitrone in berlin-prenzlauer berg ( <> ).

~ los glissandinos (with klaus filip/ sine waves)
~ rebecca (with michael renkel/ guitar)
~ kommando raumschiff zitrone (with christof kurzmann/ g3 & devices)
~ no furniture (with axel doerner/ trumpet & computer, and boris baltschun/ sampler)
~ duo with bernhard gál/ computer
~ clarinet duo with michael thieke
~ kalkuel & leidenschaft (with joe williamson/ double bass, and nicholas bussmann/ cello)
~ (exceptionally) solo