Kim Johannesen | Norway









Kim Johannesen/Svein Magnus Furu - The Eco Logic, Creative Sources, 2009.
Johannesen:Furu:Sandbakken - Kayak, AIM Sound City, 2009.
Jeremy Rose Chiba - I Saw Blue Then White, Earshift Records, 2009.
Petter Wettre - Appetite for Structure, Houshold Records, 2008.
Håkon Storm with The Livin' Jazz Orchestra - Matsukaze, AIM Sound
City, 2006.

Kim Johannesen, born 1985. Norwegian guitarist and improviser on electric
and acoustic guitars. Currently taking his master degree in performing
jazz/improvisation together with drummer Dag Erik Knedal Andersen at the
State Academy of Music in Oslo.
Toured in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Estonia,
Switzerland and the Netherlands with his own projects, as well as played
at Molde Int. Jazzfestival, NattJazz, Oslo Jazzfestival, Dølajazz, MaiJazz
and at international festivals like Copenhagen Jazzfestival, Pori
Jazzfestival and Murmansk Jazzfestival.
In addition to his solo-project, he co-leads
Johannesen:Furu:Sandbakken with Svein Magnus Furu & Tore Sandbakken &
REVOLVER! with Fredrik Kirkevold, as well as performing with Golden Dawn,
Petter Wettre Quartet, Wettre/Vinaccia/Johannesen, Jeremy Rose Chiba,
Skar/Kirkevold/Johannesen & in duo with Svein Magnus Furu.
Ad-hoc collaborations includes: Raymond Strid, Ingebrigt Haaker Flaten,
Pat Thomas, Chris Corsano, Klaus Holm, Joe Williamson, Frode Gjerstad,
Tatsuya Nakatani, Joel Grip, Lene Grenager, Dejan Terzic a.o.

Stein Kagge in Aftenposten on Appetite for Structure:
"For the undersigned this album brought a new star on the Norwegian
Roald Helgheim in Dagsavisen on Appetite for Structure:
“…and with its tight, ongoing ensembleplay the band on Appetite for
Structure is really cooking the whole way thru the album, particularly
with sparkling solos from guitarist Johannesen as a bonus.”
Chris Monsen on REVOLVER! concert at by:Larm 2009:
“...guitarist Kim Johanessen scratches and pulls the guitar strings in
ways that create a wide variety of sounds and noises...”
Arild Rønsen on REVOLVER! concert at Molde Jazzfestival 2008:
“Kim Johannesen funnels the guitar in a way that makes Jimi Hendrix'
tearing apart of the American national anthem during the Woodstock
festival sound like the Swedish evergreen "Mina gulbruna ögon". John Zorn
presented something similar in Molde in the early 90's.”