Lise-Lotte Norelius | 1961 | Kungsör | Sweden


Improvisor, EAM _Composer | percussion, live_electronics






TIDSZON UNSK (creative sources), 2004

Has during many years developed a personal sound with percussion and sampled sounds, foremost in the group ”Anitas Livs”. Is, since some years working with live-electronics and realtime processing of percussion as well as other sound sources and is performing with different constellationes, for ex:

VFO (Välfärdsorkestern): live elektronic / improvisations duo with Sören Runolf

LUDD: live-elektronic / improvisations duo with Ida Lundén (klaviatur)

UNSK (Ulher,Norelius,Strid,Küchen): improvisation quartet

ONO: live-elektronic / improvisations trio with Sten Sandell and Sören Runolf

Tutuula Sisters: performance/dance/live elektronics / improvisations duo with Katarina Eriksson (dancer/coreografer),

Improvisations duo with Jukka Korpi (dancer/coreografer) EAM-composion for Teater Galeasens production "Theres" about Baader-Meinhof, 2000.
"Lemur-Modulation" for 5 percussionists and live-elektronics, Jukka Korpi (dance), Fredrik Olofsson (video), 2002.
Sound/video- installation: Vita Kuben, Norrlandsoperan, Umeå, 2003
Sound/video- installation: Splintermind, Stockholm, 2004
Solo-performances with different soundsources and live elektronics.

Collaboration with Stockholms Saxofonquartet:
"Nightman" for solosaxofon(Jörgen Pettersson) and live-computer.
"Nightmen" for saxofonquartet and live-computer.
”4x4x4” Poetry/Contemporary musicprojekt with 4 poets, 4 composers and Sthlms Saxofonquartet.
“Frislag-2004” tour with Ikue Mori and Lindha Kallerdal

Work on commission:

”Gruvfruns goda råd”, for Rikskonserter/Västmanlands läns museum, 2003
”Bleed” ( EAM/Video), for Rikskonserter/EMS, 2003
“Isola” (EAM/Dance performance), for Rikskonserter/EMS,2004


The Royal College of Music: Percussion /EAM-composition 1998 – 2002