Luca Brembilla | Bergamo | Italy







After graduating in classical guitar (Italy - 2010) he started a journey on the road that brought him in close contact with some of the most interesting European both traditional and contemporary music scenes: jazz-impro-electronic music from The Netherlands and Iceland, Irish folk music, traditional music from the Balkans and Andalucían Flamenco.
This physical and meta-physical travelling across countries and cultures brought him to embrace the concept of  Music-As-Music regardless of stylistic and genre preconceptions. 
Experimentation, fusion, improvisation, collaboration with other forms of expression are key elements in his production.


#ViaLucisTrio - Creative Sources 338, 2015

#Gjoll - The background static of perpetual discontent (guitar on track n.3) - Ant-Zen, 2015

#Höfnin Hljómar - Electronic Music from Iceland’ (guitar on track n.1) - Yatra Arts, 2014;jsessionid=4BDED92471DF022EC9506A33D8EA4484

#The Harp the Accordion and the Ugly - Self-released, 2014

#StreetSampling Madrid - Self-released, 2014

#LULU - Self-released, 2013