Marjolaine Charbin | France








Marjolaine Charbin is a french pianist based between Brussels and
London. She studied at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in the jazz
department, and also with musicians like Dave Douglas, Joelle
Léandre and Evan Parker.
She experiences the instrument as the historical machine it has been
built for, and as a coincidence of resonnating organs on wich she cuts
into with external objects, extending the range of sound textures in a
process on the edge of control and accident, looking for sounds and
In the past few years, she’s been performing and developing
collaborations with various musicians including Paul Dunmall, Peter
Evans, Maggie Nichols, Frans Van Isacker, Gail Brand, JM van
schouwburg , Javier Carmona, Dominic Lash, Lawrence Casserley,
Olivier Toulemonde, Guillaume Viltard, Grundik kasyansky, Ann
Eysermans, Audrey Lauro and others.
She is also working with the dancer Julyen Hamilton, as well as with
Theodossia Stathi, and is organising « there is still a body » series in
Brussels, where she invites artists from both mediums.
She performed « la maladie de la mort » with the company « Etranger
Théâtre » and is actually working on the soundtrack of Philippe Van Cutsem’s
experimental documentary « nouveau monde ».
Her projects has led her to perform in clubs and festivals in Belgium,
UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain , Italy,Turkey and