Margarida Garcia | 1977| Lisbon | Portugal

Improviser | double bass








Personal discography:

*Curia, with Manuel Mota, David Maranha and afonso Simões, CD Fire Museum, Philadelphia, 2007
*Loran, with Barry Weisblat, CD Quakebasket, New York, 2004
*For Permited Comsuption, with Mattin, CD L’ Innomable, Slovenia 2003
*So i put my coat on and walked downstreet, solo, CD Thin Ice, Lisbon 2003
*Small Damage under appearance
with Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Manuel Mota, CD Thin Ice, Lisbon, 2003
*Sloworthography, with Ferran Fages CD Thin Ice, Lisbon 2002
*(and birds sing sweeter than books tell how), Solo, CD Thin Ice, Lisbon 2002
*on addiction, with Uterine Supporter, K7, self-released, Lisbon 1998
*Cesura, CD Creative Sources, Lisbon 2003
*Ra Clock, CD Headlights h06, Lisbon 2003
*Still Alive in Bairro Alto, CD, Headlights h05, Lisbon 2001
*Soft Landing, Stapletape-CD, Grain of sound, Lisbon 2002
*For your protection why don’t you just paint yourself real good like an
indian , CD Headlights, Lisbon 2001
*I wish I'd never met you , CD Headlights, Lisbon 1999
Selected Exhibitions
“Sleep’s Bright Land”, sideshow gallery, New York, 2007
“Sunnet”, Neutral Ground, Regina, 2007
“Sunnet”, Experimental Intermedia Foundation, New York, 2006
“Sleep’s Bright Land”, Tart Gallery, San Francisco, 2006
“and I wake up to the perfect patience of mountains” (tributo a E.E. Cummings), Experimental Intermedia Foundation, New York, 2003
“Sky lavender, the moon rattles like a fragment of angry candy”, Metronòm - Fundació Rafael Tous d’Art Contemporaní, Barcelona, 2002
“Untitled”, Sonicscope Festival, Palácio Marim-Olhão, Lisbon 2001

She is a musician and a visual artist based in Lisbon.
Garcia works around links between sound, video and drawing.
She uses the double bass as her main instrument.
Jason Bivins from Dusted Magazine said "Garcia certainly uses a bow quite frequently, [...] brutalizing her instrument’s bridge and generating lots of quirky percussive sounds."

Garcia Studied at the Parsons School of Design, from the New School University in New York. By then she was very interested in Max Neuhaus and Robert Smithson's work as well as the films and sounds of Tony Conrad and Michael Snow.
She has collaborated in live/recording settings with Manuel Mota, Nöel Akchoté, Barry Weisblat, Otomo Yoshihide, Toshio Kajiwara, Oren Ambarchi, Ferran Fages, Alfredo C. Monteiro, Ruth Barberán, John Tilbury, Sean Meehan, Eddie Prevost, Rhodri Davies, Matt Valentine, Erica Elder, David Keenan, Alex Neilson and Mattin.