Meike Melinz | 1983 | Graz | Austria








Musiceducation in recorder, flute, piano and violin.
Since 2002: Instrumental Paedagogical Studies with speciality FLUTE and the priority programmes Elementary Music Paedagogic and Free Improvisation at University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. Improvisationstudies with Manon Liu-Winter, Franz Hautzinger, Gunter Schneider and Burkhard Stangl.
2005/2006 erasmus studies in Estonia at Music and Theatre Academy in Tallinn. Improvisationstudies with Anto Pett and Anne-Liis Poll.
Improvisation Master Courses with Joelle Léandre, Francois Rossé.
Since September 2007: working as a Flute teacher in a musicschool in Lower Austria.
Member of: ctrl (free improvisation), Livonia(Estonian Music), Cuncti Simus (Medieval Music).