Morten J. Olsen | 1981 | Stavanger | Norway







2007: Ultralyd "Conditions for a piece of music" (Rune Grammofon)

2007: MoHa! "Norwegianism" (Rune Grammofon)

2006: OfficeR(6) “Mundane occurences and presentations” (Lampse)

2006: MoHa! “Raus Aus Stavanger” (Rune Grammofon)

2005: Andrew D’Angelo trio+Mike Pride “Morthana with Pride” (doubtrecords)

2005: Mayas/Nutters/Olsen/Galvez “It’s dirty in the different tradition” (FMR)

2005: MoHa! “Rock; meg i rauå” (Humbug)

2005:ULTRALYD “Chromosome Gun” (Load records)

2005:RyMoHa! “Rogbiff Sampler” (Rogbiff)

2005:Jackman EP (CCAP)

2005:N Collective live at STEIM (A-version)

2004:MoHa! "Det e jo rock, for faen" (ENLIGHTENMENT)

2004:FR 12 - the N Collective - News from Holland vol. 1 (X-Or)

2004:Gjerstad/Brandsdal/Hana/Olsen "ULTRALYD" (FMR).

2004:Phô "This is Handiwork" (Humbug)

2004:Andrew D’Angelo trio “Morthana” (Jazzaway records)

2004:Gjerstad/Hana/Olsen/Zanussi “born to collapse” (Circulatione Totale)

2004:Phô w/Didi Bruckmayr “Cottage Industrial vol 3” (Humbug)

2004:Thomas Dybdahl "oneday you'll dance for me new york city..." (CCAP/EMI)

2003:OfficeR(10) “Document 1” (Unsounds)

2003:Thomas Dybdahl "stray dogs" (CCAP/EMI)

2002:Thomas Dybdahl "...that great october sound” (CCAP/EMI)

Occupation musician//composer/producer/arranger/improviser – sometimes involved in other arts Instruments percussion/drums/vibraphone/electronics/computer
Based in Stavanger, Norway/Berlin, Germany Education 2003-2004 Koninklijk Conservatorium - Sonology 2001-2004 Conservatorium van Amsterdam bachelor (Bmus) 2000-2001 Universitetet i Stavanger avd. for kunstfag
Chambermusic improvisation 10 vt
1997-2000 St. Svithun vgs Music/Dans/Drama 1992-1997 Studied classical percussion and jazz drums with Barna Palko -Plays regulalarly with: MoHa! , Ultralyd, Morthana, Thomas Dybdahl &TGOS, Mayas/Nutters/Olsen/Galvez, Office-R(6), N-ensemble, Thai on Top, Phô -Toured all of Europe and the USA with previous mentioned bands. - Founding member of the N-Collective.