Michael Thieke 1971 | Düsseldorf | Germany | lives in Berlin and Rome



alto saxophone | alto clarinet | clarinet | composition






Nickendes Perlgras „Die hintere Vase“ ,JazzHausMusik, 2000
Eric Schaefer Demontage „Demontage“ ,JazzHausMusik, 2002
Sampler: berlin labor sonor ,charhizma, 2003 (Duo mit Kai Fagaschinski)
Schwimmer „7x4x7“, creative sources 2004

influenced by a broad range of musical directions including: improvised
music, contemporary composed music, jazz, noise, as well as various
streams of pop and rock music.
currently involved in a number of active projects which focus on diverse
and contrasting facets of his musical interest.

Present projects (selected):
Nickendes Perlgras (with Michael Anderson tp, Eric Schaefer dr)
Schwimmer (with Alessandro Bosetti ss, Sabine Vogel fl, Michael Griener dr)

Fagaschinski/Thieke (with Kai Fagaschinski cl)
Hotelgäste (with Derek Shirley b, Dave Bennett g)
Unununium (with Luca Venitucci acc/p, Eric Schaefer dr, Derek Shirley b)
spore (with Fabrizio Spera electronics)
Dok Wallach (music written by C. Mingus, with Daniel Erdmann ts, Johannes Fink b, Heinrich Köbberling dr)
Gebhard Ullmann “The Clarinet Trio“ (with Gebhard Ullmann, Jürgen Kupke)
Eric Schaefer Demontage (with Daniel Erdmann ts, Michael Anderson tp,
Johannes Fink b, Eric Schaefer dr)
Rupp/Thieke/Jennessen (with Olaf Rupp g, Uli Jennessen dr)
Griener/Weber/Thieke (with Christian Weber b, Michael Griener dr)participation in dance projects, among others with the choreographer Toula Limnaios; solo concerts (Sololala Festival Berlin ecc); radioproductions for the german radio stations WDR, BR, DeutschlandRadio, RadioKultur;

concerts in Vilnius, Bucarest, Vienna, Rome, London, Zürich, Lisbon,
Bologna, New Jazzfestival Moers, Festival Hamburg, Festival Brugge, Evocava (Lucca/I)
recordings and/or concerts with:
Steve Lacy, Billy Bang, Herb Robertson, Rudi Mahall, John Schröder, Gregor Hotz, Roberto Bellatalla, Fabrizio Spera, Joe Williamson, Luca Venitucci, Daniel Studer, Christian Weber, Riccardo Lay, Axel Dörner, Olaf Rupp, Antonio Borghini, Michael Griener Uli Jennessen, Kai Fagaschinski, Tristan Honsinger, Cristian Calcagnile ecc